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 Forum/Ingame Mod/Admin App.

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PostSubject: Forum/Ingame Mod/Admin App.   Forum/Ingame Mod/Admin App. EmptyMon May 26, 2008 7:46 am

Sorry for posting here,The other one didn't work,You have it set to only admin replies and Posts Topics.

Applyform:Forum/Ingame Admin/Mod

Ingame name:Jahsucks12

Forum name:Jahsucks12

Server experience? (coding):Some what,I used to run a server with my friend.


Timezone:Eastern Standard.

Other info:I've been moderator/Admin and Co-owner on like 6 differn't servers.
Heres two emails of my former,

Why would I choose you?:Well,I'm experienced,I'm Pretty nice,I like to help and,I'll just be there for the well being of the server.
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Forum/Ingame Mod/Admin App.
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